Ocean Allies – Increasing Tourism with a Sustainability Plan

Clearwater Beach and our surrounding cities thrive on tourism, and we all want to see this success continue, creating even more local jobs and financial success for local businesses.  Clearwater Beach, in particular, has seen recent unparalleled growth in both the number of tourists and modernization in its tourism infrastructure, including new and more modern hotels, a wider selection of restaurants and other consumer businesses that cater to a wide diversity of tourism demographics.  With being ranked the #1 beach in the U.S. in both 2016 and 2018, it is reasonable to assume Clearwater Beach will continue its success as a tourism draw.  Ocean Allies is a grassroots community-led effort, designed to marry tourism and conservation in an easy and practical manner, ensuring this success continues long-term by protecting our beaches and eco-systems tourists enjoy.  This project was born in Clearwater but is for any city that wants to develop a more sustainable plan for their area.  We are here to help.

A growing percentage of tourists are desiring to vacation in destinations with an environmentally friendly plan.  The Ocean Allies plan is to capture this new tourism market share by implementing mid and long-term strategic plans to deal with the growing issue of tourist impact on our environment.  Tourism and conservation can work hand-in-hand.  Ocean Allies has come together to transform Clearwater Beach into the #1 recognized Ocean Friendly destination beach in the world, and lead other cities in the same direction.  The Ocean Allies leadership team is here to inspire, educate and partner with Clearwater Beach and greater Clearwater businesses and any other cities we work with to develop and implement an eco-friendly and sustainable Beach brand.  Participating organizations will become “Ocean Allies” certified.  The goal: Lock in long-term tourism success and a sustainability plan for our amazing beaches that draw our tourists.